Our client base reflects our long track record and we pride ourselves on having established long-term client relationships in all sectors and on all continents.

Litigation and enforcement funding and management is about persistence, experience and ability to deliver. Omni Bridgeway generally provides prospective clients with targeted references that can attest to our track record and consistent ability to deliver.

Claimants, judgment and award creditors

Clients of Omni Bridgeway include global market leaders and Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller firms across all industries, including oil & gas, mining, energy, telecoms, construction, commodity trading, finance, insurance, sports, agriculture, transportation and capital goods. Typical services offered for claimants and creditors include funding and managing litigation, arbitration and enforcement, as well as monetising judgments and awards.


As lawyers are an essential part of our international network, Omni Bridgeway works with lawyers in all jurisdictions. Most lawyer relationships tend to develop into longer term relationships with Omni Bridgeway, either as a result of Omni Bridgeway bringing new funded matters to that lawyer or that lawyer requesting funding for new cases. We do not act as legal counsel for our clients and do not compete with lawyers and law firms. Omni Bridgeway’s services for lawyers and law firms are usually focused on providing litigation, arbitration and enforcement funding for their individual client cases, while typically the full case management and client contact remains with the lawyers, as well as on providing working capital for larger litigation portfolios.


Omni Bridgeway has extensive experience in working with banks and other financial institutions on all continents on their non-performing loans and portfolios. Omni Bridgeway’s services for banks and other financial institutions may be litigation funding or work-out management for a single claim, but often extend to structured solutions for larger NPL portfolios comprising (partial) purchase, litigation and enforcement funding and work-out management.

Cartel victims and victims of security fraud

Multinationals as well as small and mid-size companies have selected Omni Bridgeway to fund and coordinate their group claims against wrongdoers. Omni Bridgeway is unique in its discrete and content-driven approach, built on its many years of experience as pioneer in providing these services in continental Europe.

Insurers / Export credit agencies

Omni Bridgeway has a long history of providing services to clients from the insurance industry, based on our management of the Lloyd’s of London political risk portfolio dating back to the early 1990s.  We have been funding and managing several portfolios of insurance claims ever since. In addition, we have worked for and acted as trusted and independent advisor to many government-owned export credit agencies in Asia and Europe for the funding, recovery and valuation of their claims portfolios. Our services may be focused on a single claim, but may also extend to the funding and management of larger portfolios and the full purchase of subrogation rights.

Insolvency practitioners

Several members of the Omni Bridgeway team are former insolvency practitioners. We provide funding and services to insolvency practitioners in many jurisdictions and understand their specific requirements and constraints. These services range from regular litigation, arbitration and enforcement funding to all-in management and the purchase of claims to facilitate finality.

Multilateral agencies and development banks and institutions

Omni Bridgeway has on-going relationships with several multilateral agencies in the field of both international (development) finance and insurance. We provide advice on recoverability of sovereign defaults, litigation funding and work-out services for individual matters. We also manage complete portfolios. These relationships reflect our incident-free track record of adherence to the highest standards of corporate integrity and compliance.